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The TTbar refers to a large class of deformations of QFTs that were initially studied by Zamolodchikov and Smirnov, Dubovsky et al, and Cavaglia et al for two dimensions, but has in last few years been generalised in various exciting directions. These directions include interesting relations with holography, de Sitter spacetimes and string theory. In our TTbar group meetings we discuss the recent literature, update each other on their research and discuss new ideas, but most of all we just like to deform things. Our meetings are on Wednesdays at 1:30pm.

On this page you will find the schedule for the coming weeks and an archive of past meetings.

Next meeting (22-01-2020)

Edward will tell us about the curved space kernel. Ref:

(27-11-2019 - 15-01-2020)

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Zhenbin will continue with entanglement islands, this time in bulk dS and explain some non-perturbative calculations of Renyi entropy in dS2 gravity. Then we will collectively discuss the
dual formulation using T Tbar +… deformations. In particular, we can formulate the 2d version of the bulk de Sitter theory, obtained by going all the way in with T Tbar and then out with T Tbar + Lambda_1 deformation of the seed theory. The seed could be the SYK dual of a (n)AdS theory and black holes therein. This deformation leads to bulk dS (or some (n)dS involving a varying scalar), at the level of the energy levels. One aspect is the role of the disorder average: we'll explore the possibility of formulating it by refraining from disorder averaging until we join the two sectors of dS2/dS1, then integrating over the common couplings of the joined system which we must do anyway in our fluctuating cosmological theory, and checking if that single integration can play the role of the disorder average in terms of giving a tractable large N expansion.


Zhenbin Yang will describe entanglement islands and we will discuss how this might arise our various T Tbar deformed theories. Refs:;;;;;;


We discussed the paper "TTbar deformed CFT as a non-critical string" by Nele Callebaut, Jorrit Kruthoff and Herman Verlinde.


We will continue the discussion on operators in TTbar deformed theories from last week. In time permits, we will discuss applications of similar techniques in the context of entanglement calculations.


In this meeting, Sungyeon Yang will discuss dressed correlation functions in TT-deformed theories. After going through some results obtained from perturbation theory, a nonperturbative approach presented in Cardy's recent work will be introduced. Application of the method to correlators of the stress-energy tensor will be discussed afterwards. Ref: TTbar deformations of correlation functions


Jorrit Kruthoff presented some recent progress in understanding the analogue of the TTbar deformation in 1d and its generalisations. In particular, he discussed the connection to JT gravity at finite cutoff, boundary conditions in AdS_2 and the SYK model.

Ref: TTbar in AdS_2 and Quantum Mechanics and work in progress.


Evan Coleman told us about the single trace version of the TTbar deformation put forward by Kutasov et al.


Eva Silverstein described a new paper with Aitor Lewkowycz, Junyu Liu (a.k.a. "L"), and Gonzalo Torroba on subregion dualities and entropy. The entropy calculations localize at the endpoints, enabling precise calculations on both sides of the duality which match. In appropriate cases like (A)dS/dS and AdS/Poincare, causal evolution holds and a new commutator structure of the algebras associated to subregions was described. Redundant encoding of bulk points (QEC) persists in TTbar+… deformed theories. Ref: TTbar and EE, with implications for subregion encodings.

Ronak Soni gave an update on The Kernel in progress with Edward Mazenc and Vasu Shyam.

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